Cheya Thousand

Wellness Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Meditation Leader in Florida

Cheya Thousand

Wellness Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Meditation Leader in Florida

Do you struggle with stress? Are you feeling burnt out? Have you ever tried to find your balance and didn’t know where to start? If so, I would love to support your journey to finding your center! Don’t allow stress to run your life!

My name is Cheya Thousand, I am the founder of the CT Wellness Co. and a Certified Stress Management Consultant.

CT Wellness Co., is a faith based individual and corporate wellness training group. We provide programs to empower teams to recognize stress, prevent burnout, create healthy habits & achieve balance in every area of their lives.

After working in the retail industry for 10+ years I realized I was burnt out. Over the last 8 years I have experienced burnout on two different occasions. I knew something had to change. I designed this program and implemented it in my own life for the last 3 years. It is a blueprint to ensure burnout doesn’t catch you by surprise.

The course:

Thrive 30: An effective way to create Healthy Habits in 30 days

What you Learn:

✅ How to identify your triggers? We all have triggers and the first step to having Balance is knowing what they are.

✅ Identifying your SPC outlets. Yes, we all need Spiritual, Physical and Creative outlets to reach our highest call to Balance and you’ll learn your unique SPC.

✅ An effective way to form healthy habits. Habits can be a dirty word, but we all have good ones as well. Let’s demystify the two in our sessions together!

✅ Build a growth mindset. Our thoughts are the catalyst for where we are, as we begin to shift our mindset, you will see transformation in your life.

✅ Time Management

And so much more!!

Course Style: Live Coaching w/ Q&A

Course Opens: May 19th

Course Cost: $1497

Course Takeaways:

✔️ The Balance Blueprint

✔️ A Unique SPC Plan

✔️ Thrive 30 Workbook

✔️ 4 weekly checklist for sessions

✔️ Weekly Stay Balanced emails

✔️ Access to Private Facebook Group

✔️ 24/7 Email Access to Educator

✔️ Bonus Features

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